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You love the coffee house atmosphere and want to run your own business? Then with our franchise company Ormado Kaffeehaus!



We would be happy to advise you in a personal meeting about your options. With our analysis of the location, economical aspects and our experience, we pave you the way to your success.


Before you apply for the required business registration, we are happy to advise you whether the planned use, from planning law, on the desired object is also allowed.

Our services in planning

  • Application for change of use
  • Inventory
  • Observation of commercial objects (in CAD)


We look forward to building your store in 2-4 weeks turnkey and to train you in the time in all matters.

Conditions and numbers

Entrance fee: 20.000,- € incl. VAT
Investment between 800 € – 1.600 € per m² incl. VAT
Franchise fee: 2% (monthly after the opening)
Advertising fee: 2% (monthly after the opening)

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